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RISQS is the UK Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme, providing a single common registration, qualification and audit process for suppliers that are shared by the UK rail industry. Achieving RISQS accreditation enables a business to connect with all the major rail companies across the UK and allows them to contract within their specific field of expertise.

We have vast experience of the RISQS process, from initial application through to producing and implementing user friendly, easy to follow Rail specific policies and procedures that will deliver you a system that far exceeds the expectations of Industry Minimum Requirements, Sentinel and Product Codes applicable to your company’s scope of services.
In order to reach this accreditation, RISQS performs a thorough annual audit and review of the company and inspects the management systems that they have implemented.

We shall provide on-site representation during audits and usage of competencies as part of a retained service package.  Take the stress out of the process by retaining a professional service that will ensure delivery and meet your minimum requirements.